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PROCARE feedback 2015
The PROCARE feedback 2015 can be found below in the section Recent updates.
PROCARE was ended on the 31st of December 2014!
First of all, we sincerely thank all PROCARE-collaborators for their active participation within PROCARE and for the invested efforts to make this multidisciplinary project a real success!

After 12 successful years, the PROCARE project was ended,  meaning that the PROCARE online database and the PROCARE RX reviewing platform are closed from the 31st  of December 2014.

All participants will receive the annual PROCARE feedback (2014) in the beginning of 2015.

In addition, a more extensive final PROCARE feedback will be prepared later in 2015.

From Project to Structure!
As foreseen, the PROCARE project will stop at the end of 2014, meaning that the PROCARE online database and the PROCARE RX reviewing platform will be closed on the 31st of December 2014. This implies that paper registration is possible until the 10th of December 2014 and that online registration is possible until the 31st of December 2014. We would like to motivate you and ask to complete registrations, follow-up and missing data during the final period of the project.
More information, including deadlines and a priority list for missing data, can be found in the newsletter.
PROCARE prolonged until 31 December 2014
We are pleased to inform you that on 17 September 2012 the Insurance Committee of the RIZIV-INAMI approved the prolongation of the PROCARE project from 1 July 2012 until 31 December 2014. This means that the multidisciplinary project, inclusive the registration, will continue until at least 31 December 2014 with the financial support of the RIZIV-INAMI.
The prolongation of PROCARE includes the following aims:
  1. To realize the transition from project to structural basis
  2. To develop a minimal dataset to register rectal cancer (via the MOC and BCR registration)
  3. To perform Risk adjusted analysis of the Quality of Care Indicators (per center)
  4. To provide feedback on Benchmarking for the participating centers
PROCARE feedback 2013 available
The PROCARE feedback 2013 can be found below in the section Recent updates.
PROCARE joined EURECCA (European Registration of Cancer Care)
PROCARE will participate in the EURECCA project. The aim of EURECCA is to compare treatment and survival in colorectal (and other) cancers between the different participating countries i.e. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Belgium. In a first step, data items used in these 9 registries were compared in order to identify a shared dataset (van Gijn et al, submitted for publication).
The following research questions will be answered in the months to come:
  • Are there differences between the stage of disease at time of diagnosis within the different countries?
  • Can we find differences in treatment between the countries, stratified for stage and within different age groups?
  • Are there differences in mortality for patients within the different countries, stratified for disease stage and treatment?

For the analysis, patient and hospital data will be completely anonymous. PROCARE will provide data of patients diagnosed in 2008 and/or 2009. These data include cTNM, pTNM, morphology and localization of the tumour, data on neoadjuvant treatment, surgery data and data on survival and follow-up.

PROCARE data entry online application LIVE!
As of today, the PROCARE data entry online application is live and available for all PROCARE participating physicians.
Thanks to this application it will now be possible to send your PROCARE rectal cancer registrations directly to the Belgian Cancer Registry via a safe and secured online circuit.
The PROCARE online application is the first to allow an online interdisciplinary cooperation: specialists from different disciplines and even different hospitals can work together in completing all information on a specific casus.
The application is self-explanatory, easy to work with and contains online quality checks to ensure an easy, fast and qualitative data collection.
Download the user manual.
New online application PROCARE RX in production
As of May 1st 2010, the online web application PROCARE Central Image Repository (PROCARE RX) is active. This PROCARE RX platform makes it possible for radiologists to ask for an anonymous second opinion on cTN and cCRM, based on CT-scan and MRI-images of the pelvis. In case of discordance between the local radiologist and the first reviewer, a third and 'final' opinion will automatically be asked from a second anonymous reviewer.
Download the user manual.
PROCARE Radiotherapy Reviewing Project
      Within the PROCARE project, in parallel with the efforts to improve other treatment modalities for rectal cancer, preoperative radiotherapy also needs to be standardized to achieve better outcome. As part of this radiotherapy standardization, with the leadership of Professor Scalliet (UCL) and Professor Haustermans (KUL), a central review facility is being established to allow reviewing the Clinical Target Volume (CTV) and organs at risk (OAR) delineation. This work requires a specific software (Aquilab) installation at each participating center. The Aquilab software is dedicated to patient database management with an image fusing and multimodality contouring program for Radiotherapy.
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