Inauguration symposium Belgian Virtual Tumourbank


** PROGRAM **                                                      4th of October 2012, at the MIM



Dr. Michiel Callens, President of the Executive Board of the Belgian Cancer Registry


History of the initiative

Prof. Vincent Grégoire, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Belgian Virtual Tumourbank

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The Belgian Virtual Tumourbank and the Cancer Plan

Mr Chris Decoster, director-general of the Federal Public Service of Health, representing Miss Laurette Onkelinx, Minister of Health and Social Affairs

The Belgian Virtual Tumourbank in practice

Miss Céline Degaillier, Projectmanager Belgian Virtual Tumourbank

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Entering the era of the large-scale biobanking sciences: Experiences from the launch of the national biobanking platform in Sweden

Prof. Joakim Dillner, Co-Director, Stockholm, Sweden

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Dr. Liesbet Van Eycken, General Director Cancer Registry




Download here the symposium brochure presenting the project of the BVT and the participating tumourbanks