PROCARE – project on cancer of the rectum

New online application PROCARE RX in production

As of May 1st 2010, the online web application PROCARE Central Image Repository (PROCARE RX) is active. ThisPROCARE RX platform makes it possible for radiologists to ask for an anonymous second opinion on cTN and cCRM, based on CT-scan and MRI-images of the pelvis. In case of discordance between the local radiologist and the first reviewer, a third and 'final' opinion will automatically be asked from a second anonymous reviewer.

Indeed, expert radiologists have been identified by the Royal Belgian Society of Radiology. They will review these images at random and in an anonymous way to assess the original interpretation. The PROCARE RX platform is a very important part and aspect of the aim of PROCARE, i.e. to improve the quality of care by reducing variability.

We look forward to an enthusiastic and major participation of radiologists from any hospital in Belgium in this project. Indeed, pre-treatment staging of rectal cancer has become an extremely important aspect of treatment. Also, this project provides an opportunity to demonstrate that 'professionals' are willing to take responsibility for improved quality of care in their own hands.

Download the user manual with more information about how to start and use the online application (update - inclusive problem solving).